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The sea salt is a distinctive sign from Mallorca. For so many years, the east side of the island has been a place connected with this precious product that comes from nature. It enabled, specially in the last decade, the development of new business activities linked to this gift that comes from nature.

The association AFASAL, founded in June 1986 by the main part of Spanish salt manufacturing companies, established a combination of goals, as described in the 5th article of their constitutive statutes. As a whole, it is deduced a will to support the whole activity of the sector, from the producer to the consumer.


Under these circumstances, and due to the importance of the environment of the salt mines of Es Trenc, being considered Natural Areas of Special Interest as determined by the 24th point in the 3rd Article of the Act 1/1991 of the 30th January, the coexistence of the native flora and fauna with the productive activity of the salty territory have created an extraordinary symbiosis. It is also the case of the extended and expressed will of preserving the ecosystem and reinforcing the environment. Thanks to the companies linked to the activity of the salt production and the collaboration of many residents of the island and visitors from many different countries, the Majorcan Association of the Salt (AMASAL) has been created.




  • To make public the importance of the salt in the Majorcan surroundings, its history, the salt mines, and the uses of salt.
  • To disclose this information to the residents of the island, as well as to the visitors.
  • To protect the ecosystem of Las Salinas and the salty territory by developing programs and projects with the aim of obtaining their sustainability.
  • To protect the economic activity resulting from the production, commercialisation and consumption of the Majorcan salt.
  • To safeguard the guarantee of the quality of the Majorcan salt.
  • To get and keep a certificate of origin of the Majorcan salt.
  • To represent and defend the interests of the members of the Association.
  • To guarantee the quality and the image linked to Mallorca.


    The Majorcan Association of the Salt is an association that represents the producers and distributors of Majorcan salt.

    Our interest in the preservation of the natural entourage of the salt mines of Mallorca, the environment, health and the quality of the manufactured products are some of the main goals of the association. This policy is developed to support workers, clients, collaborators, consumers, and, as a supportive way, the whole of the population in Mallorca.


    All members will perform their activities with the highest responsibility and putting special attention to those procedures affecting the environment, people’s health, the worker’s safety and the products related to the salt under the fundamental standards of the right to competition.
    Likewise, all memebers declare that their operations will be performed in full accordance with the national legal requirements and with those established in the shelter of the Government of the Balearic Islands.


    The continuous development in innovation and technologies of the production industries require a fast adaptation to a better competitiveness. For this reason, all members are committed to get an improvement in the abilities of their organisations making their employees go through an ongoing training focusing in matters of safety and health, the environment of the mine salts and the quality of the production process.


    All members are committed to guarantee the safety, health and adoption of all the possible steps to prevent injuries linked to the activities related to the industry of the salt (mining, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, use and elimination), and anything that can damage the health of their employees, clients, locals or communities. The members are encouraged to openly share information on any aspect related to the safety that could let other members implement actions to avoid similar incidents.


    The respect and minimum impact of the production activities to the environment, as well as the preservation of the biodiversity, are some of the agreements the members are commited to with the aim of guaranteeing a sustainable development.
    The salt mines of Es Trenc are the only Majorcan salt mines that produce salt to be consumed. They are considered as a Natural Area of Special Interest, where the current wealth of the flora and fauna has been the result of the balance between nature and the profiting activity performed in the salt mines. For this reason, all members will safeguard this point.


    Every member will assume all the responsibility of their own business, strategic and operational decisions. All determined and agreed decisions taken by the Association will not imply a submission to those that every member could decide, by the principle of determination.


    If a member considers not being able to accomplish this Code of Conduct of Good Practice, the member must renounce to being part of the association.


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